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So you think somethings going to change here?

The law of the land (ok, maybe not): Kubo's Law

Tactical, shmactical, these lights are just plain cool (tho rather spendy). I recommend the L4, a 5w Luxeon light powered by 2 123a lithium batteries. Truly the standard for "wall of light" in a pocketable form factor: Surefire

But the best BANG for the buck must be the TL-3 xenon from Streamlight

. High quality build, nice beam, and very bright, while at the same time maintaining a relatively low initial cost and cheap lamp replacement costs. For EDC, though, the Arc AAA still has no equal (for now, get your fix with the Infinity Ultra (hurry, before Gerber goes to their less elegant new body design): Arc Flashlights (BACK IN BUSINESS *HOORAY*)

Everyone's favorite dentist in San Mateo, the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond (Zoom! teeth whitening is amazing - fast and convenient, or veneers for major improvements, and sleep dentistry is a godsend for nervous nellies like me): Cynthia Tong, DDS

iPod? Gimme HiMD any day (but why does Sony insist on using these gumstick batteries? I know the Li-ion chemistry provides excellent power density, but being able to use an AA or NiMH AA is just too convenient (see the MZ-R700 as an example)): The Minidisc Page

Poi, tofu, and natto - what else do you need? Well, they also have Hawaiian Sun and yamaimo!: Takahashi Market

The Org-in of the Species: JMK is AOK
Marge: You sound like you're going to buy a pony. Promise me you won't.
Homer: Mm.
Marge: What was that? Was that a yes or a no?
Homer: Buh.
Marge: Those aren't even words!
Homer: Snuh.
Marge: Mmmmm. [annoyedly turns off the light]
Homer: *grin*